ARM9 Hammer with XBeeEver tried to access your Hammer board remotely using XBee? Well here is how you can do it.

You will need to follow these instructions from Tincantools to enable 2nd serial (UART2) port on Hammer module. Once done, re-compile , upload and flash your new kernel. The following link will help you with how to do that. Once this is accomplished, let's move on to enabling getty console on UART2. IMHO, this seems to be the easiest way to test serial port functionality. And this is how we do it:

  • gunzip root.tar.gz;
  • mount root.tar into temp dir of your choice ( mkdir temp; mount -o loop root.tar ./temp );
  • 'cd' into mount directory ( cd ./temp )
  • edit etc/inittab: add 'ttySAC2::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttySAC2 115200 vt100';
    • This is how your final serial port configuration block of etc/inittab will look like.

      # Put a getty on the serial port
      ttySAC0::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttySAC0 115200 vt100
      ttySAC2::respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttySAC2 115200 vt100

    • To enable 2nd serial in your build root system, you will need to change target/device/Samsung/Hammer/target_skeleto/etc/inittab
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