BUGGER robot with AVRCamThe days for the BUGGER of sitting on the bench-top and looking cute in its existing configuration are numbered. The BUGGER gets upgrades. 
It gets a spy cam and a transmitter to relay captured images back to base as well as a new receiver to accept new mission directions. The BUGGER becomes exceptional unmanned security sentry platform. So enough with talking, let's get to the visuals :) Here is the BUGGER with new modifications.

New additions list:

Few words on a setup. XBee radio is connected to draw power from AVRCam so if the camera is powered off XBee module will be turned off too. Those who are interested in the details of how AVRCam was connected to XBee module check out the following diagram.

One thing that we discovered with AVRCam and XBee radios setup is that lots of data being lost during image data transfer from the camera to PC. This is due to AVRCam spewing image data faster then XBee can send it.


There are two ways of addressing this issue that we can think off. One is purely firmware solution another one would require hardware and firmware tinkering. We will certainly start with the 'firmware only' solution first. It would entail modifying A VRCam FrameManager.c to send Command Mode Sequence (GT + CC + GT) to XBee for every 100 bytes of data. This will force XBee to send out data in its TX buffer so the new can be clocked in. Another way of addressing this problem would be to add support for XBee CTS pin in AVRCam firmware using ATMega8 PD7 pin. ATMega8 firmware will sample CTS levels to figure out if it should hold off dumping image data onto TX line until XBee signals that its TX buffer is clear and ready to receive more data for transmission.

There is still one more component that needs to be added and that 's nRF24L01 radio module. nRF24L01 will be connected to Pololu's Baby Orangutang to control bot's motion. Well, not the radio module will do the control portion but it will be used to deliver output from RFL remote to BabyO that will control robot's motion. So as you just figured, BUGGER will be teleoperated robotic platform using RFL remote control.


Well, that's it for now and here is few more images of BUGGER with its new shiny toys.

Bugger robot with AVRCam and XBee radio - FRONT/TOP BUGGER robot with AVRCam and XBee radio module
BUGGER with AVRCam and XBee radio


Base-station, out... :-)