ATMega socketed in STK500We are currently busy porting Arduino /Wiring IDE to ATMega32 and ATMega644 micros from Atmel, so you could get a simplicity of wiring programming language on these two powerful embedded controllers. We will post 1st iteration of the port once we are confident that it's reasonably stable. If someone feels adventurous and wants to try it NOW, send us an email and we will make it available. At this point, we have working PWM, TWI/I2C, serial and analog pins on ATMega32.

Our end goal is to be able to write code in Arduino/Wiring and being able to execute it on any ATMega micro that's available from us.

Being visual people ourselves :), here is a few pictures of this process.

ATMega32 in STK500 closeup. ATMega32 on a robot platform