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Ambient Temperature Sensor

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Ambient Temperature Sensor


This handy little board is an easy way to allow your robot to read ambient temperature (of the surrounding air).

The sensor board has three inputs: Vin, Vout, and Gnd, and requires a Vin of +5V. Vout represents the reading of the onboard LM335 sensor, which has a range of -55C to +150C. Accurracy is +/- 3 degrees C

There are two holes along the periphery of the board to allow for rigid mounting to your robot.

The kit includes stainless steel screws & aluminum standoffs to easily bolt the temperature sensor to your robot base.

This board is a great accessory for your robot!

Calculating Temperature:

You can easily calculate the ambient air temperature using the following formula:

Temperature (C) = ((a2dReading x 5.0) / 1024) x 100) - 273.15
Temperature (F) = Temperature(C) x 1.8) + 32

Example Calculation:

Temperature (C) = ((628 x 5.0) / 1024) x 100) - 273.15
Temperature (C) = 33.5 degrees C

Temperature (F) = (33.5 x 1.8) + 32
Temperature (F) = 92.3 degrees F

Sensor Pinout:

Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Pinout

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