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  1. DOSonCHIP FAT16 FAT32 micro-SD Module

    DOSonCHIP FAT16 FAT32 micro-SD Module


    This is a ready to go module that utilizes the DOSonCHIP FAT16/32 IC with accompanying micro-SD socket. Excellent evaluation board for the DOSonCHIP silicon or for simple datalogging and file storage! Uses a simple UART or SPI interface. Datalogging is now as easy as sending 'md CHAT' to make a directory! Low 5mA current consumption.

    If hardware flow control is not needed, tie CTS to ground.

    microSD card sold separately below.


    • 8 x 0.1x0.8" pin centers can be used as DIP module or as vertical board
    • Integrated real-time clock (time & date)
      • High quality 32.768KHz watch crystal
    • Low power consumption
      • 2.7V to 3.3V operation
      • 5V tolerant I/O
      • Active current 5mA @ 3.3V (typical)
      • Shutdown current < 0.1uA
    • Host Interface
      • UART with autobaud detection
      • SPI bus
    • File System
      • FAT32 & FAT16 compatible
      • 4 simultaneous files open
      • Terse command set for data traffic reduction
    Dimension: 1x1.45"
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